Everyone knows just 3 on line restaurant food ordering / delivery businesses control an estimated 80% of the billions dollar GLOBAL MARKET.  There's a reason for that.  They each did an on line, software based internet


order menu.

A simple idea, yet complex software to order food on line.  These 3 built their business on a cliff that over hangs

 Customer Mountain.



through the nose to order food, and now delivery, using

 self service


ordering system

on line.

When customers learn they can get

Restaurant Menu Food Delivery

and many other benefits

that the big computer menu order platforms can't begin to give Customers - all customers

​will drop the way they've

been ordering like a hot rock.

while they watch that cliff over hanging

Customer Mountain that

the BIG THREE on line menu ordering -  delivery

is perched on, crumbles - drops off Customer Mountain.

Everyone knows that people and companies that own trailers use them to move stuff.  So, it's a natural for them to understand a better way to move food from kitchens to customers.

Moreover,  Trailer Owners are the only people that can understand how to use the trailer

they own =


together with other trailer owners,


the group's total

VALUE, so everyone of them can cash in because of